Can anyone explain in detail why this script, https://github.com/james-iohk/Alonzo-testnet/blob/update-cabal-1.29.0/resources/plutus-sources/plutus-alwayssucceeds/src/Cardano/PlutusExample/AlwaysSucceeds.hs, results in the following output?

Writing output to: 
"Log output"
"Ex Budget"
ExBudget {exBudgetCPU = ExCPU 297830, exBudgetMemory = ExMemory 1100}

Thanks, Myles

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The output seems to be generated by this Haskell script (plutus-alwayssucceeds.hs) sitting in the parent folder of the script you linked. "plutus-alwayssucceeds.hs" is defined as the entry point of the executable defined in cabal file here.

When you run command like cabal build, cabal will build "plutus-alwayssucceeds.hs" as an executable, which, when executed, will print out the log pasted in the question above. Notice that the actual plutus script (alwayssucceeds.plutus) is generated by function "writePlutusScript" here.

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