If the policy ID for a some native token looks like this:


"keyHash": "wfwrfasdfasdfsadk4tjwljaldk1234567789123455678",

"type": "sig"


Can the token be minted and burned at any time by the owners of the keys? What are the limitations if any for a native token with a policy ID like this?

Thanks, Myles

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Yes - this is an example of an unlocked policy. Tokens can be minted and burned under this policy forever with no limits.

Here would be an example of a time-locked policy:

  "type": "all",
      "type": "before",
      "slot": 28515365
      "type": "sig",
      "keyHash": "3a25088ecd68bde986becda8ebc51077222f981cab4214025ccc7bfa"
  • thanks so much!
    – Myles
    Dec 29, 2021 at 4:17

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