How can I check the NFT timelock status, besides pool.pm?

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You need to have the original script policy to see the lock status (see these slot and before).

$ cat policy.script
{ "type": "all", "scripts": [ { "slot": 24285375, "type": "before" }, { "keyHash": "e97316c52c85eab276fd40feacf78bc5eff74e225e744567140070c3", "type": "sig" } ] }

From that, you can calculate the policy id of it.

$ cardano-cli transaction policyid --script-file ./policy.script

There is no way to reverse this process. You really need to original minting policy.


Agree with @Marek, although there is a manual way to do it.

Let's try the policy of Spacebudz:

  1. You can find the policy in cardano scan
  2. Go to the small script button at the left side of the policy id.
  3. You can check there the invalidAfter slot
  4. Using that slot, you can check in any tool (i.e. cardano-cli or explorer.cardano.org) the current slot to determine if the policy is locked or not.

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