I am currently working on a very simple auction dapp and am receiving this error:

    "code": 2,
    "info": "Wallet could not send the tx.",
    "message": "\"transaction submit error ShelleyTxValidationError ShelleyBasedEraAlonzo (ApplyTxError [UtxowFailure (NonOutputSupplimentaryDatums (fromList [SafeHash \\\"c52c505c0d6e374baf48b1e78cd8bdb921d76127e6961bc9100c9e8b45192952\\\"]) (fromList [SafeHash \\\"04c56e48044dae5359a5b2d5a2a73b374f20bd6cc70206e88f42b2a91ecaa408\\\"])),UtxowFailure (ExtraRedeemers [RdmrPtr Spend 1]),UtxowFailure (WrappedShelleyEraFailure (MissingScriptWitnessesUTXOW (fromList [ScriptHash \\\"c1c0f2fbbc40ec587e6a3fd05a43f02e3e23f9debb30d4a62e49e7bb\\\"]))),UtxowFailure (WrappedShelleyEraFailure (UtxoFailure (UtxosFailure (CollectErrors [NoWitness (ScriptHash \\\"c1c0f2fbbc40ec587e6a3fd05a43f02e3e23f9debb30d4a62e49e7bb\\\")]))))])\""

MissingScriptWitnessesUTXOW and ExtraRedeemers are confusing me and am curious if anyone else is having these problems? I am using the cardano-serialization-lib to build and sign the transaction.

Let me know if there is any supplemental information I can provide thanks!

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It looks like this error went away after removing the first 6 characters of the script's cbor hex. For some reason the cardano-serialization library currently requires the removal of those first 6 characters.


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