How to get Address -> PubKeyHash without vkey just with addr like addr_test1wrf230u95zr26lut09mchmt82d235v6335jvszme2jevklslg5lfz?

It must be possible, because when you build unlocking transaction from smartcontract locked funds with cardano-cli transaction build ... you pass --change-address parameter which doesn't require vkey like cardano-cli address key-hash command does. Smartcontract manages to get PubKeyHash from provided addr_... which it can get from txOutputs :: [txOut]

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You can see the CDDL spec for full details: https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-ledger/blob/master/eras/shelley/test-suite/cddl-files/shelley.cddl

In the case of a payment base address (the most common address on the chain at the moment), the address when converted from bech32 -> hex will have a prefix of 00 (on testnet, 01 on mainnet), followed by the payment credential, followed by the stake credential. The payment and stake credentials are hashes of those pubkeys.

Here's an example output (and cardano-address inspect output so you can see an example matching the pieces):

cardano-address address inspect <<< addr_test1qrkgclg3rsz8v8hnv2sqxmfk3yl87p9dme906h4ru859j9z076sepqv0ms7pud50lrgfh3e72jrysy5wawg4hqgmzfrsvgallu
    "stake_reference": "by value",
    "stake_key_hash_bech32": "stake_vkh1flm2ryyp3lwrc83k3ludpx788e2gvjqj3m4ezkuprvfywejlp0j",
    "stake_key_hash": "4ff6a190818fdc3c1e368ff8d09bc73e548648128eeb915b811b1247",
    "spending_key_hash_bech32": "addr_test1ajx86yguq3mpaumz5qpk6d5f8elsftw7ft74aglpapv3g07qz53",
    "address_style": "Shelley",
    "spending_key_hash": "ec8c7d111c04761ef362a0036d36893e7f04adde4afd5ea3e1e85914",
    "network_tag": 0

bech32 <<< addr_test1qrkgclg3rsz8v8hnv2sqxmfk3yl87p9dme906h4ru859j9z076sepqv0ms7pud50lrgfh3e72jrysy5wawg4hqgmzfrsvgallu

Check out cardano-addresses, and scroll to the "how to inspect address" section

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