One issue bitcoiners like to mention is node size in relation to decentralisation. Currently we are at like 10gb, I saw that the max growth is apparently 100gb a year. Are there any plans for reducing this? Or do we think technological improvements will be fast enough in the hard drive space that 100gb a year is fine? I agree with the importance of making it available to the average person to run a node.

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I assume with "blockchain/node size" you mean the growing size of the immutable ledger database. The current growth rate is pretty linear. In the last 100 days it grew from 7 up to 10.5 GB

enter image description here

So we see a growth rate of about 1 GB per month, which would result in a 12 GB per year.

Keep in mind the ledger DB folder now contains every UTXO action since Nov-2017, not just since Shelley-Mainnet launch in Aug-2020.

New capabilities like Metadata or additional activities from native Tokens, NFTs and soon Smart-Contracts may increase the growth rate a bit.

So existing Hard drives with 2-12 TeraByte capacity should provide plenty of space for the next years.

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