Are there any plans to have a bridge between the Cardano and Cosmos blockchains? Cosmos is working on the gravity-bridge which is a bridge between Ethereum and Cosmos so I assume there must be some emerging composability Cardano <-> Eth <-> Cosmos however the gas fees for this would be crazy.

Would Cardano's ERC20 converter let you go directly between Cardano and Cosmos because they both support ERC20 tokens?

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The Cosmos Blockchain and Atom token are not based on ERC-20, they support their transfer, so there is no prospect that the Cardano ERC-20 converter could be used directly.

No mention has been made of a Cardano-Cosmos bridge that I am aware of.


I believe every project is driven by a motive. ERC-20 converter makes sense because there are a lot of tokens that are struggling on ETH and would want to migrate. Sorry I have not done enough research on Cosmos. Although I like it based on what I know. But what would be a driving factor or a need for such a bridge between Cardano and Cosmos? May be that will help answer your question better.


In short, no. The ERC-20 converter is meant only for ERC-20 tokens, which exist solely on the Ethereum blockchain.

I can only speak for myself here, but knowing how strongly the Cardano community believes in decentralization, I highly doubt there is any will within the Cardano community to create a bridge with a centralized blockchain ecosystem.

Binance smart chain, for example, has 21 (last I checked..) nodes in TOTAL.

I do agree that there will be a "multi-chain future", but if a bridge were to be made it would likely be an effort on Cosmos behalf, not ours. I could be wrong however, if there is enough will to make it happen, anyone who knows plutus could design a smart contract to work as a bridge. However, I myself have zero interest in such a project as I am focused solely on Plutus dApps.

  • Cosmos is a framework that allows for decentralised blockchains. If I create a separate Cardano blockchain with a different network ID I could argue that's a centralised ecosystem too, as I control the only node. Jun 18, 2021 at 9:57

There isn't a bridge, but I think we could benefit from one. As far as I know, there currently isn't a working decentralized hosting service on Cardano, like Akash on Cosmos. NuNet is in alpha, but I'm not sure when it'll be at the stage where Akash is presently.

I'm going to run into this issue later this year, while developing a decentralized no-code platform for building workflows. Should be fun🙃

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