I'm running the stake pool and want to know the delegators count and total amount of ADA delegated to my pool. Is there a way to do that from my producer/relay node using cardano-cli? I know this info can be obtained from resources like https://adapools.org/, but is there any internal statistics that provide such details (e.g. for my monitoring tools to fetch)

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you can obtain a snapshot information using the cardano-cli:

cardano-cli query stake-snapshot --stake-pool-id POOL_ID --mainnet

which returns the following

"poolStakeGo": 12016106401607,
"activeStakeGo": 14925992640911949,
"activeStakeMark": 14854196369191645,
"poolStakeMark": 12021194972631,
"activeStakeSet": 14853022119978909,
"poolStakeSet": 12018867311903


Go - 2 epochs ago

Set - 1 epoch ago

Mark - snapshot for the current epoch

To get the more detailed information about the delegator count you'd need to query cardano-db-sync

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