What are the steps required to build and send a transaction meant to send for example 10,000 tokens to some given address?

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Here is a good explanation of the process to build and submit a transaction.

In your case, your build-raw command should be similar to this:

cardano-cli transaction build-raw \
    --fee <fee> \
    --tx-in <tx_in> \
    --tx-out <your_address>+<change> \
    --tx-out <destination_address>+<minUtxO>+10000 <Tokens> \
    --mint=10000 <Tokens> \
    --minting-script-file <policy-file> \
    --invalid-hereafter=<slot> \
    --out-file <outputfile.raw>


This script can be useful for you https://github.com/invictusappscom/cardano-terminal-wallet/blob/e07119c6130adc36512f30bb554518784e177dc7/send-token.sh

For more info check point 6 at README.md https://github.com/invictusappscom/cardano-terminal-wallet/blob/master/README.md

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