I'm missing transaction prefix in order to get bech32 hash of transaction id using cardano-serialization-lib.

What prefix is used in transaction bech32 hash and how can I find/compute one?

const decodeUtxo =
  (wasm: WasmT) =>
  (encodedUtxo: string): WasmNamespace.TransactionUnspentOutput =>
    wasm.TransactionUnspentOutput.from_bytes(Buffer.from(encodedUtxo, "hex"));

const collateralUtxos = (await wallet.getCollateral()).map(decodeUtxo(wasm));

const prefix = '' // how can I find this?

// to_bech32 function requires prefix
const collateralTxHashes = collateralUtxos.map((utxo) => utxo.input().transaction_id().to_bech32(prefix))

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In order to get transaction id using cardano-serialization-lib you should convert transaction id to bytes and convert them to hex string.


Try this one: utxo.input().transaction_id()

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    Close enough. Only thing left is to load bytes into Buffer and convert it to hex string.
    – pyropy
    Dec 13, 2021 at 10:56

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