I'm looking to hire developers for a project and most people I speak with have experience with Solidity and therefore trying to convince me to focus on the Ethereum ecosystem.

I like what the Cardano community is doing, especially the Founder's vision and approach, and accordingly want to focus on the Cardano ecosystem. I'm therefore looking for developers with Haskell experience and don't know where to start. Is there an area within the Cardano community to specifically post jobs and recruit individuals desiring to work on Cardano?

  • Keep doing that^, and they will come.
    – zhekson
    Nov 27, 2021 at 21:00

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You can post your opportunities on IOHK discord. There is a #post-a-job channel, under Lounge category.


I find the Haskell to be still rather niche language, meaning not so many developers out there, thus it's difficult to find someone on common boards. I would agree with the others that it's a good idea to be looking specifically around Cardano, Haskell and functional programming communities

  1. A nice place worth checking is functional.works-hub.com
  2. functionalprogramming.slack has numerous channels for job postings (#jobs, #haskell-jobs)
  3. Cardano official developer community list

The best places to start looking for Haskell developers are Reddit, LinkedIn and StackOverflow – there is at least a hundred of seasoned Haskell developers on those resources.

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