ADA addresses that start in:


are supported by accointing.com -> to submit tax reports.

The address I get (in Daedalus) is acct_

Can I turn the acct_ into one of the other formats?


I would guess acct_ is the address of your stake key, therefore belongs to the account ledger.

For payments, you would need to gather each of your payment addresses (these prefixes you shared) one by one.

If you tax software supports only payment addresses, it will omit rewards, which might or might not be a problem depending on your jurisdiction.

  • Ouch, this could be quiet a process. Is there some central mechanism to query this? Nov 26 at 14:24
  • Check out blockfrost.io, it might help you if you do not want to run the node with the db-sync stack. Nov 26 at 18:06

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