this is my transaction build script

cardano-cli transaction build
--tx-in $txhash#$txix
--tx-out $address+$output+"$tokenamount $policyid.$tokenname"
--change-address $address
--mint="$tokenamount $policyid.$tokenname"
--minting-script-file $script
--metadata-json-file metadata.json
--invalid-hereafter $slotnumber
--witness-override 2
--out-file matx.raw

And i get this error when i add tokenname with policy id if i remove the tokenname then its working fine.and also not showing tokenname in cardanoscan

option --tx-out: unexpected 'N' expecting alphanumeric asset name, white space, "+" or end of input

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Are you using cardano-cli v1.31?

If so, please refer to Errror cardano-cli build-raw: AssetName deserisalisation failed expecting hexadecimal digit


This line is problematic:

--tx-out $address+$output+"$tokenamount $policyid.$tokenname"

One your variables is not set. To try it out, just put echo in front of the command to print out what the command really is with variables filled in.

  • --tx-out addr_test1vzzql63nddp8qdgka578hx6pats290js9kmn4uay5we9fwsgza0z3+1400000+1 71421b480f31fd04905d50d0fa5026a459f545acf78ba3f359cc053b.NFT1
    – Umeraqeel
    Commented Nov 24, 2021 at 13:50
  • above is the echo result of tx-out
    – Umeraqeel
    Commented Nov 24, 2021 at 13:51

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