When I try to set a breakpoint in a small Plutus project such as this, I always get the following error:

:b Week05.Homework1.mkPolicy
cannot set breakpoint on Week05.Homework1.mkPolicy: module Week05.Homework1 is not interpreted

(Using Windows, cabal version, ghc version 8.10.4.)

Removing -fobject-code or adding -fPIC to the ghc-options won't help, which was suggested here for other Haskell projects. -fPIC does even fail as it is not a Windows thing, anyway.

The error is the same for off- and on-chain functions. So the INLINABLE pragma is not to blame.

Does this have anything to do with the PlutusTx compiler?

  • This may have to do with Haskell being a functional language. Meaning that unlike imperative languages, there are no 'breakpoints' due to the nature of the language. The other link you mentioned only works with I/O operations which follow an 'imperative' style. The answer for your question would be to find a new way to debug functional programs, seeing as they don't work with imperative style debugging.
    – CosmicCat
    May 25, 2021 at 0:49

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mkPolicy is an on-chain validator code, is lifted to template Haskell and it gets compiled to core plutus and executed when the UTXO locked by that script is spent. AFAIK, core-plutus is not Haskell, so the breakpoint will be ignored.

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