I sent ADA to Daedalus wallet. When opening the wallet, it took from 6:30 pm yesterday until around 4 am this morning to sync. I then deleted the wallet (since I have my recovery seed) and downloaded the update to see if anything happens. The sync took about 20 minutes but when I tried to recover the old wallet with my recovery seed, I got an error message. This happened on 4 occasions since this afternoon.

Also- I use Trezor model T as well but got an error message when trying to use that recovery process. I used CAKE WALLET to exchange Bitcoin to ADA and sent it to Daedalus, originally. I do have the trade ID. Can anyone help or direct me to the proper resource?

  • I'm not sure I can help, but surely you should describe the error messages you received
    – manish ma
    Nov 20, 2021 at 7:33

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Enter your Daedalus-generated seed into Yoroi mobile wallet. It's a light wallet (a.k.a. SPV) so, there's no need to wait while it will be synced with the blockchain. Yoroi supports 15- and 24-word seeds.


Yes, I did. However, the ADA I exchanged is not there. The address is correct and it’s confirmed on the blockchain but it’s not in my balance. I don’t know what to do about this. The changenow support desk said I’d have to notify Daedalus support…..however I don’t know where to go.


If you are 100% sure you wrote your mnemonic phrase down correctly, you should be able to restore it on any wallet. Try to use it on:

Yoroi, Adalite

If you can access the wallet from these services, the problem is definitely your Daedalus installation. You should proceed to reinstall it again, making sure to clean all existing data


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