I am trying to figure out what's wrong but I do not see it, is my command really wrong? do I need to encode the token name with something? Get a different cardano-cli executable?

transaction build-raw --tx-in c4d3606f4f9a3688d13aa1afbd114cd0e78cc04dc2c0952557db0fb4260d2560#0 --tx-out addr_test1qqrsm4vj985epelhc8qpv8jahaqpjll7ed67647dk47ku4x5x8xk48yntkwhc2s20manmqartkchrp2qxgfwdaezsq5qu9urvd+2000000+"1 b75d4e90a96db2468d4c3d45d65b1f846307b1fc25acdb5489851481.CSCT" --tx-out addr_test1vpl22c6vml7p7n5vv4n2mjf6sfw9kcse5c7jjk3uxc9dllcvvvj8q+2830000 --mint="1 b75d4e90a96db2468d4c3d45d65b1f846307b1fc25acdb5489851481.CSCT" --mint-script-file newtesttokenpolicy.script --invalid-hereafter 42970622 --fee 170000 --out-file c4d3606f4f9a3688d13aa1afbd114cd0e78cc04dc2c0952557db0fb4260d2560.mint.raw

This builds tx with cli from mainnet Daedalus on Windows, but fails on my Ubuntu testnet with the latest cardano-node build. I have this error:

option --tx-out: unexpected "S" expecting hexadecimal digit AssetName deserisalisation failed

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That's because since cardano-node v1.31, you should pass the asset name as base16-encoded.

You can use this command:

echo -n "myassetname" | xxd -ps

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