With the Cardano's Alonzo Hard fork coming, the Cardano testnet will be coming in. I assumed that there is a frontend library for interacting with the Cardano testnet, however I couldn't find anywhere. I wonder if there are libraries that are being developed?



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The only JavaScript library there is right now, is the cardano-serialization-lib developer by Emurgo.

However, as already mentioned, there is a number of Catalyst proposals that you might want to vote for in the upcoming rounds:


There isn't currently a Javascript library, but it looks like the Cardanoscan folks are building one for interfacing with the Cardano blockchain (link to article).

The current pioneer's testnet for writing smart contracts uses Plutus. You can read more about this here.


We have https://meshjs.dev/ and https://lucid.spacebudz.io/ now as javascript libraries for Web3 development on Cardano

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