I'm trying to add cardano-wallet-core as a dependency to my Haskell project, so I can use the servant client. But I get this error when cabal builds the byron-spec-ledger package:

[ 6 of 16] Compiling Byron.Spec.Ledger.Update ( src/Byron/Spec/Ledger/Update.hs, dist/build/Byron/Spec/Ledger/Update.o, dist/build/Byron/Spec/Ledger/Update.dyn_o )

src/Byron/Spec/Ledger/Update.hs:236:10: error:
    Duplicate instance declarations:
      instance Hashable a => Hashable (Set a)
        -- Defined at src/Byron/Spec/Ledger/Update.hs:236:10
      instance Hashable v => Hashable (Set v)
        -- Defined in `hashable-'
236 | instance Hashable a => Hashable (Set a) where
    |          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cabal: Failed to build byron-spec-ledger- (which is required by

My cabal.project looks like this: https://pastebin.com/swdJWBAK

Using GHC 8.10.4.


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The issue was that in hashable-, the instance was added, and it was also defined in the byron-spec-ledger package.

Adding this constraint to my cabal.project file solved the issue:

    hashable <

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