Yoroi wants 15 words from me, but I only wrote down 12. I know it was a Shelley wallet, and can see all details about my Cardano.

Can I restore my account without seed phrase?

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Yoroi uses 15 words for its seed phrase. You did probably used Daedalus to generate it. I recommend you to try to use Daedalus to restore it.


This table represents which length of seed phrases was used in wallets during the Byron-era (legacy) and which one in the today's Shelley-era wallets. By the way the cardano-wallet is a command-line tool allowing you to use a first-factor seed phrase 15-24 word, and an optional second-factor seed phrase 9-12 word.

Wallet Byron-era Shelley-era
Daedalus 12-word 24-word
Yoroi 15-word 15-word
cardano-wallet 15-word, 18-word, 21-word, 24-word 15-word, 18-word, 21-word, 24-word

For anyone having this problem in the future: There are a couple of wallets I know of that do support importing a 12 word seed phrase for Shelley era Cardano wallet: Eternl Wallet Atomic Wallet

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