I am wondering about the minimum amount of ADA to be sent with a transaction (and/or has to be held by a wallet alongside a CNFT): Right now its 1,379something, but there surely has to be a plan how and when to lower this amount as ADA vs USD reaches higher levels?

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

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Micro-transactions with low fees will become possible when Hydra is implemented.


This doesn't exactly answer your question but could be useful for you and others.

Since cardano-cli 1.31, there is a new command to calculate the minimum required ADA for a transaction output:

  • cardano-cli transaction calculate-min-required-utxo
Usage: cardano-cli transaction calculate-min-required-utxo 
            [ --byron-era
            | --shelley-era
            | --allegra-era
            | --mary-era
            | --alonzo-era
            (--genesis FILE | --protocol-params-file FILE)
            --tx-out ADDRESS VALUE
            [ --tx-out-datum-hash HASH
            | --tx-out-datum-hash-file FILE
            | --tx-out-datum-hash-value JSON VALUE
            | --tx-out-datum-embed-file FILE
            | --tx-out-datum-embed-value JSON VALUE

  Calculate the minimum required UTxO for a transaction output.

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