I read the docs for language views here, but I still don't quite understand what they are: https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-ledger-specs/blob/master/eras/alonzo/test-suite/cddl-files/alonzo.cddl#L97

For the Spacebudz marketplace, Alessandro requires this to be set and I'm not sure if it we need to change it for our own dApp: https://github.com/Berry-Pool/spacebudz/blob/main/src/cardano/market/languageViews.js

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I think the explanation follows after the canonical encoding description

; For PlutusV1 (language id 0), the script integrity data is a cost_model.
; This is the value of the costmdls map at key 0.

Looks like you need to encode cost-model map as language-views key 0 according to canonical encoding.

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