I think my plutus-playground-server has an incorrect notion of time. I'm working on the homework for lecture 3 and keep running into issues with the simulator.

Here's a screenshot of what I'm simulating for homework 2 of week 3:

enter image description here

I've verified that, according to the cabal repl, 1596059101000 is slot 10.

Prelude Ledger Wallet.Emulator Data.Default Ledger.TimeSlot Week03.Homework2> slotToBeginPOSIXTime de
f 10
POSIXTime {getPOSIXTime = 1596059101000}

Note that in the example simulation I Wait Until Slot 11.

I've changed the following line when constructing transactions clientside to show now: https://github.com/paymog/plutus-pioneer-program/commit/4098f73bef4191ebc976fb8c2c3d46ee53f97b5e#diff-7fd9bde64b988d6aa9520167ed285990ed737f5dbda967ac19c786ff4160bb36R105

Interesting, when I execute the above simulation, I see the following output:

Add slot 11
Contract instance for wallet 2: (ReceiveEndpointCall (EndpointDescription { getEndpointDescription: "grab" }) (RawJson "{\"contents\":[{\"getEndpointDescription\":\"grab\"},{\"unEndpointValue\":[]}],\"tag\":\"ExposeEndpointResp\"}"))
Contract instance for wallet 2: (ContractLog (RawJson "no gifts available at time POSIXTime {getPOSIXTime = 1596059102}"))

Note that the value of now is 1596059102 which is missing three trailing zeroes compared to 1596059101000. If I check the posix time of slot 11 in the cabal repl I see

Prelude Ledger.TimeSlot Data.Default Week03.Homework1> slotToBeginPOSIXTime def 11
POSIXTime {getPOSIXTime = 1596059102000}

which is the value reported by the simulation with 3 extra trailing zeroes.

Does my instance of the plutus-playground-server have a "incorrect" notion of time?

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As is typical, I figured out what's wrong almost immediately after posting the question. I was on the wrong commit for my local checkout of the plutus repo. I was using commit ea0ca4e9f9821a9dbfc5255fa0f42b6f2b3887c4 which comes from the week 1 cabal.project file.

The week 3 cabal.project file requires plutus at commit 219992289c6615e197069d022735cb4059d43229. After I made that change, the issue resolved itself.

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