I want to see the queued transactions in the mempool, where can I see that? Thank you.

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Cardano doesn't have a mempool in traditional sense, due to the fact that you have only 20 second interval between previous block and a current one. It is rather a kind of stack that stores an average of 60-90 transactions. And someone hardly needs an API that reads a 20 second stack.

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    But I'd like to add that it is possible. Open whatever process you need as a child of a process you are in control of. You'll now have access to the memory buffers. It will take forever to figure out what is what and is deffs hacking but can be done if the need is truly strong enough Oct 2, 2021 at 23:19

A protocol to interface with the local mempool was merged recently in the context of a larger piece of work to increase network throughput. It can now be accessed from Ogmios.

Even though, unfortunately it does not provide access to transactions received from peers - only to those submitted locally.

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    You should follow the referencing guidelines when referring to external sources. Your answer may not work well if the external sources move or change.
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    Feb 14 at 1:19

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