Was setting up script, sendmytip.sh, to update PoolTool with tip and height information.

I noticed this NODE_ID value:

#!/usr/bin/env bash


# your pool id as on the explorer
# get this from your account profile page on pooltool website
# Your node ID (optional, this is reserved for future use and is not captured yet)

It's the last line, and is clearly different from the Pool ID.

Would anyone care to let me know how to find a node id, or explain what they are?

When i read a spec, interface, or proposal, however vague readers are giving a clue. I ask because I did not find one. Interfaces aren’t even told how to handle the property.

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As mentioned, the node ID is a variable that has not yet been implemented on Pooltool side so just ignore it at the moment.

Date : September 26th, 2021

As there is no mention of this variable yet in the Pooltool official documentation, one can "assume" that this would be an unique ID to identify each relay node of your pool ID? (would it make sense?)

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