I am having trouble using cardano-serialization-lib. I am trying to calculate the datum hash from bytes using this library:

var myBytes = Buffer.from(
  const dtHash = hash_plutus_data(PlutusData.new_bytes(myBytes));

which gives me a4c44696aa4ed831f3a1c0b86e407a8c092cf680e61ed23f0e47a15b73d59c79 but when I tried to do it through cli with cardano-cli transaction hash-script-data --script-data-file $datumFile where datumFile is

    "bytes": "b1566319045054327346e0043eed1af00eec2a63d9536f65087ca1"

I got edc92947d6f09957c3fe31c10478e6eeee7fdaec1e2cc7439633325cd9bcf13f instead

  • Did you manage to solve this?
    – martin
    Commented Oct 26, 2021 at 0:17

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I'm pretty sure this is a known bug which the devs are aiming to fix in the next hard fork. You can see the discussion here: https://github.com/Emurgo/cardano-serialization-lib/issues/227

Does your transaction work when you submit it? If it doesn't, you should get a relevant error related to the datum which you can use to fix your transaction body.

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