In the Daedalus wallet under "Receive" it says

Please note that all of your receiving addresses include your stake key. When you share a receiving address, the recipient can search the blockchain using your stake key to locate all addresses associated with your wallet, and also discover your wallet balance and transaction history.

Does that mean I can query for any address the stake key and therefore all the child addresses with their total balance? If yes, how can I achieve this using the cardano-cli and cardano-wallet?

I already know, that I can read the balance of a single address with cardano-cli query utxo --address, but how can I discover the related addresses in the same wallet?

  • I have this exact question. Did you already solved it? Sep 24 at 21:55
  • no, but I believe it can be possible with the cardano-graphql api
    – njank
    Sep 25 at 1:29

Some addresses may not belong to a stake pool so no. Any address which is staked can be verified though. Although the cli does not provide a method to do this, you'll need db sync or related tool, specifically one which runs the chainSync mini protocol which is not in the cli.

Cardano wallet will do the trick however.

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