I am working to set up a Cardano staking pool (node). As I was building the specific reference of libsodium called out in the docs (66f017f1), I got a LOT of unsettling warnings such as (truncated):

In file included from crypto_kx/crypto_kx.c:8:
#warning *** This is unstable, untested, development code.
#warning It might not compile. It might not work as expected.
#warning It might be totally insecure.
#warning Do not use this except if you are planning to contribute code.
#warning Use releases available at https://download.libsodium.org/libsodium/releases/ instead.
#warning Alternatively, use the "stable" branch in the git repository.

Is this normal/okay???


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The version of libdsodium's code you are compiling is the one used by the majority of Stake Pool Operators (SPO) as it is the reference in all official How-To.

These simple warnings are normal because, as you may have noticed with the url, it is an intentional forked repository maintained by IOHK. But don't worry, it works perfectly with the latest releases of cardano-node.

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