I used to mint Cardano NFT using "Time locking" following this guide https://developers.cardano.org/docs/native-tokens/minting-nfts/. But I know the more formal way is to use plutus script to mint NFT after the introduction of smart contract. Is there a similar guide on how to achieve this? I know Lars did a tutorial on that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsaVjSsPPcg. But I am too dumb to follow. Any simplified step-by-step instructions available?

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I am answering my own question. After several days of studies and testing, I finally mint NFT using plutus script. Please find my articles below:




Really interesting stuff. I believe @Berry put out a sample for how to do this as well on his Github page: https://github.com/Berry-Pool/plutus-contracts/tree/master/NFTSeries

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