Trying to run PAB by executing:

cabal exec -- myapp-pab webserver

returns the following error:

[Error] The --config option is required

However, the lecture by Prof. Lars (PPP Lecture 6) didn't make mention of any config files.

What am I missing?

  • Aoaddeola.. thank you for sharing your knowledge with knowledge seekers. You are golden! I am just learning Haskell.. next Plutus. Have some minimal programming experience but very technical mind. Would love some suggestions for self education on the above mentioned languages. Thank you kindly! Sep 10 at 21:54
  • @StephenSmith, you can learn Haskell here and Plutus here
    – Aoaddeola
    Sep 11 at 6:06

You have to be in the right commit if you use the PAB as described in lecture 6 of the ppp, otherwise you will face problems. PAB and some other stuff changed. I assume you build the project with cabal build without errors, try to cabal run NAME_OF_EXECUTABLE, e.g. cabal run oracle-pab. You don't need config files. If you want a more up to date example use the Uniswap example form lecture 10, the implementation is still working with the latest plutus.


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