I wanted to understand if you could place a hard limit on the number of tokens minted under a policy. I've scanned the docs and the policy.script only seems to control permission and the amount of time before the policy is locked.

I'm wondering if this is possible, and if not - what stops NFT creators just minting more than they say they will?

Many thanks

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There is not a way to specify the limit for a given native asset in the policy.

Only, once the policy is timelocked, you have the guarantee that the NFT creator does not mint or burn the NFTs.


With a Plutus script, you can absolutely limit the number by ensuring not more than a certain number has been minted by putting it into the validator.


Check out Lars Lecture 5 ... https://youtu.be/SsaVjSsPPcg?t=2471 It explains everything very clearly!

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