I have VSCode all set up with the necessary Haskell plugins (except I have GHCI 9.x installed via Chocolatey and the plugins want 8.x, ouch! Unfortunately Chocolatey won't accept an 8.x "--version" number so I can't downgrade). But I can't find any place that shows me how to set up a proper launch.json file to support a Haskell debug session in VSCode. I want to have a full-fledge debugger for my Haskell learning and I'm sure that I need to learn Haskell to be effective with Plutus.

Does anyone know how to craft a proper launch.json file so that I can use the VSCode IDE for Haskell debugging?

NOTE: I know about the Plutus playground but I would like a full-fledged IDE with a debugger for my Haskell learning. Also, the Plutus playground site is usable, except I can't login because the hand-off to GitHub for 3rd party authorization is currently broken. On that note, is there a GitHub repo for the playground so I can report that problem? I can't figure which of the many Plutus repos on GitHub are for the playground.


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You can use phoityne-vscode for this.

There's a specific section called Configuration that shows how you can set your launch.json file up.

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