Can we expect an effort from IOHK to implement oracle services? Or should this be community driven?

  • These answers are pretty old but I think the question is still valid. What is the most current status for Oracles in Cardano as of now?
    – Moxie
    Jan 10, 2023 at 15:58

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An early oracle-like service nut.link run by the community is already running. It will not provide data to smart contacts, but various dApps might be able to consume its resources if they can read on-chain data.

As for real oracle solutions that will be able to provide inputs to smart contacts, we will have a lot of them, from community to IOG.

In fact, most of the work on oracle pools has already been done by Emurgo, not IOG. And implemented on Ergo.


In Dec 2020 IOHK (IOG) announced that they intended to partner with Wolfram on Oracles for Cardano. Initial phases were planned to commence in Q2-Q3 of 2021.

Given the timeframe, I believe they will be delivered as part of the smart contract functionality expected to be fully delivered in Aug 2021.


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