Why are addresses generated by cardano-cli shorter than those generated by Yoroi or Daedalus? The addresses produced by running

cardano-cli address build

are 58 characters including the "addr" prefix while those from Yoroi and Daedalus are 103 characters. Are there any cases where these types of addresses are not interchangable? Is there a way to get the cli to generate an address similar to Yoroi and Daedalus? Thanks! Shawn

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The first part is a 'payment address', which you're seeing on Yoroi and Daedalus combined with a 'staking address' (cardano-cli stake-address build ...). If you look at your receiving addresses on those apps you will notice that they all end the same, indicating use of the same staking address for all of them (in the current implementations).

The Cardano-cli gives lower-level access to the finer details of Cardano operations than the wallets.

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It is possible to extend a payment address using cardano-addresses to get a similar one as generated by Yoroi or Daedalus.

See also cardano-address address delegation --help for an example.

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