I would like to automatically withdraw my rewards and send it in different wallets. Is it already technically possible?

Thanks, Regards, Anthony

Edit - A Use Case for this: A possible use case for this would be if you were a SPO (Stake Pool Operator) with multiple pool owners (or multiple pledging wallets). A stake pool can only have 1 reward address, therefore every time there are rewards, a manual distribution must take place to distribute to all owners/pledgers. With a smart contract, you could potentially automate this distribution to the owners/pledgers.

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You do not need a smart contract. Rewards from staking/delegating are never "locked" on Cardano, you can send immediately at any time.


There's no need for a smart contract when you withdraw rewards. Staking and everything related to it does not block funds in your wallet. You are free to transfer your money, including staking rewards, to another wallet at any time. As far as you know, to begin staking, every new validator must freeze 2 ADA, that’s a register key deposit. You’ll get 2 ADA back when you undelegate.

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