Im using linux-Ubuntu in the WSL of the Windows 10. I have installed Cardano-node and Cardano-cli. Node v14 (latest stable version) ghc 8.10.6

Im trying to create a wallet but on this command: node src/create-wallet.js

I get this error:

const paymentVkey = options.paymentVkey
TypeError: Cannot read property 'paymentVkey' of undefined
    at CardanocliJs.addressBuild (/home/marcelolinux/minter3/node_modules/cardanocli-js/index.js:316:33)
    at createWallet (/home/marcelolinux/minter3/src/create-wallet.js:7:11)
    at Object.<anonymous> (/home/marcelolinux/minter3/src/create-wallet.js:11:1)

Im following this (maybe) out of date tutorial.

I'have tryed with ghc 8.10.4 , also tryed configure the testnet but did'nt work also.

Can anyone help me to Mint Nft's using Javascript? I'm needing it for my final project of a course of Web Development.

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I checked the npm page for cardanocli-js and found that you need to pass an options object to the AddressBuild method.

const createWallet = (account) => {
  return cardano.wallet(account);


needs to be altered to include an options object per the documentation.

It should be altered to be;

const createWallet = (account) => {
  const payment = cardano.addressKeyGen(account);
  const stake = cardano.stakeAddressKeyGen(account);
  cardano.addressBuild(account, {
    paymentVkey: payment.vkey,
    stakeVkey: stake.vkey,
  return cardano.wallet(account);


This worked for me. I hope this helps.


I am also having the same problem on window using cardano-node-1.29.0-win64. cardanocli-js node module has issue on windows doesn't know how to create folder correctly, I need to modified "index.js" file. After fixing all that I finally run into the same problem you are facing.

For ubuntu, I got some weird problems not able to access my cardano-cli even I have it in my path, node is having trouble accessing.

  • I tried to build it manually by passing in skey and vkey files but no luck still, any help would be appreciated.
    – Gyden
    Sep 3, 2021 at 4:01

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