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Given that the explanation is ""The validator checks that the transaction, represented by scriptContextTxInfo, pays half the specified amount to each recipient.", why does the code not simply use ==half in both cases?

validateSplit :: SplitData -> () -> ScriptContext -> Bool
validateSplit SplitData{recipient1, recipient2, amount} _ ScriptContext{scriptContextTxInfo} =
    let half = Ada.divide amount 2 in
    Ada.fromValue (valuePaidTo scriptContextTxInfo recipient1) >= half &&
    Ada.fromValue (valuePaidTo scriptContextTxInfo recipient2) >= (amount - half)```

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Ada is an integer under the hood and divide rounds down.

So, if amount is 5, half would be 2 and (amount - half) would be 3 (totaling to 5).


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