Cardano doesn't need to use smart contracts to mint native assets. But is it possible to mint native assets using smart contracts? And if so, is there an example how this can be done?

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This is the subject of week 5 of the plutus pioneer program. You can find examples in the Github repo.

In the Signed.hs module, there's an example for how to mint tokens, and the NFT.hs for how to mint Non Fungible Tokens.

There's also a full lecture on that subject by Lars.


Agree to start with Lecture 5. If you can't wait for the Plutus Application Backend to get deployed, there is also and exercise in Alonzo Purple for minting a NFT using the Command Line Interface CLI. You can find it at the Alonzo github repository.

  • What's the link?
    – kolam
    Commented Aug 27, 2021 at 15:49

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