Since I just started to write Plutus code, I want to make some tests of Plutus.

For example, I'd like to know what exactly my redeemer :: BuiltinData value is. However I can't convert BuiltinData to BuiltinString which means I can't use trace :: BuiltinString -> a -> a to log it.

Is it possible to convert BuiltinData to BuiltinString or there is different approach to log redeemer?


Since BuiltinData derives Show:

newtype BuiltinData = BuiltinData PLC.Data
    deriving newtype (Show, Eq, Ord)

and there's the function:

stringToBuiltinString :: String -> BuiltinString found here in PlutusTx/Builtins/Class.hs

Assuming your "variable name" is dummyBuiltinData, you can convert BuiltinData to BuiltinString using:

stringToBuiltinString $ show dummyBuiltinData


As noted by kolam, show isn't INLINABLE and isn't applicable on-chain. Here is a version that should work:

decodeUtf8 $ unsafeDataAsB dummyBuiltinData

both decodeUtf8 and unsafeDataAsB can be found in module PlutusTx.Builtins.Internal

  • That won't work as show is not an inlinable function and thus cannot be used in the validation (on-chain) part of Plutus. Those functions you mentioned are meant to be used in the off-chain part of Plutus.
    – kolam
    Aug 24 at 14:14

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