I'm currently setting up my minting software and noticed I get the error when assigning a CIDv1 hash as the image (CIDv0 works fine - it just fits)"Text string metadata value must consist of at most 64 UTF8 bytes"

I also noticed that someone got around this by splitting it up into a list of less than 64 bytes each.


{...image: [ "lessthan64string-0", "lessthan64string-1", "lessthan64string-2", "lessthan64string-3" ]...}

= lessthan64string-0lessthan64string-1lessthan64string-2lessthan64string-3

This seems very off standard for a NFT or am I wrong. Obviously you can recreate the string by joining, but I wouldn't think the chances of market places doing that is big.

I've had a look at - https://github.com/cardano-foundation/CIPs/pull/85, but I'm not sure about it.

If anyone could point me the the direction of what is the proper way to di this - It would be muchly appreciated

Thanks for your time

FYI: the reason for the CIDv1 is I am using https://nft.storage/ (as well as pinata) and I want the 2 hashes to match for longevity of the NFT for the images and they seem to only support CIDv1 - and it's going to have to be supported at some stage. The filecoin (nft.storage) one will be used as a backup


I would store the CIDv0 in the metadata. You should be able to convert from v1 to v0 if it's using v1 protocol buffer codec.

# If this outputs "protobuf" we can be reasonably certain we can convert
ipfs cid format -f "%c" -b base58btc bafybeiccuppnh2nh54jtubqo2jjmngzlnnmliejjq3xlswxzh24et2llu4
# Convert our CIDv1 to CIDv0 (returns "QmSpnYb3romJejsUqhRepYr6GBwuKUFj1kqrhtk1z2Hn8E")
ipfs cid format -f "%M" -b base58btc bafybeiccuppnh2nh54jtubqo2jjmngzlnnmliejjq3xlswxzh24et2llu4

Source: https://discuss.ipfs.io/t/make-cidv0-from-cidv1-using-cid-ipfs-io/10647/2

  • Thanks for the comment - I'll see what I can do :-)
    – Braden
    Sep 3 at 1:51

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