Daedalus wallet recovery phrase is 24 words. Cardano Wallet Backend mnemonic sentence is 15 words and mnemonic second factor is 9 words, adding up to 24 words.

I tried restoring a wallet through Cardano Wallet Backend API by taking the first 15 words of the Daedalus wallet recovery phrase as an input for mnemonic_sentence and rest of the 9 words as an input for mnemonic_second_factor. Unfortunately, this does not work as the last word of the mnemonic_sentence produces an incorrect checksum.

Is there a way I can restore a wallet through the API knowing a Daedalus wallet recovery phrase?

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The mnemonic_sentence can be between 15 and 24 words. The mnemonic_second_factor is optional. So you can simply pass all your 24 words in as mnemonic_sentence and don't set the mnemonic_second_factor and you should be able to restore your wallet.

enter image description here

Source: https://input-output-hk.github.io/cardano-wallet/api/edge/#operation/postWallet

  • I've tried this as well but using 15 words & I keep getting wallet_already_exists error. Does this mean I can't restore a wallet that was created by the cardano-wallet server in the past?
    – CoderMan
    Commented Jul 8, 2022 at 15:41

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