I'm trying to figure out how to use cardano-wallet https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-wallet/releases/tag/v2021-06-11 Still no success because it shows a message Killed whenever I try to execute any command.

My relay is 100% synced on test-net, I did the installation wget latest release for linux 64 cardano-wallet-v2021-06-11-linux64.tar.gz extracted copy all files to /usr/local/bin and so far so good, but when i try to execute cardano-wallet serve it shows killed and does nothing.

I'm running this node of version 1.27.0 on a docker container in a Mac M1 machine, I don't know if its relevant to say because its supposed that docker emulates a complete operational system. Already did apt-get update and upgrade, no success. Thanks

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I want to answer my question and I'll update the documentation of the project I'm creating about that.

First this setup won't work, macos M1 and running a test net node, unfortunately, wasn't compatible so I moved on to linux machine.


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