I tried to compile the cardano-node 1.27.0 for Raspberry PI4 following the instructions and everything gets well until I do the:

cabal build all

Then all compiles until I get this error:

   src/Testnet/Byron.hs:71:20: error: [-Woverflowed-literals, -Werror=overflowed-literals]
    Literal 8000000000000000 is out of the Int range -2147483648..2147483647
71 |   , totalBalance = 8000000000000000
   |                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

<no location info>: error: [-Wunused-packages, -Werror=unused-packages]
    The following packages were specified via -package or -package-id flags,
    but were not needed for compilation:
      - ansi-terminal-0.11

Can someone tell me why is this? Thanks

  • Hi and welcome to the Cardano stack exchange! Can you please provide a bit more information? What instructions did you follow (link)? And how did you make sure you use the the correct version of the source code?
    – eddex
    Jul 19 at 12:18
  • 2
    Is your Pi possibly running a 32 bit OS?
    – sorki
    Jul 19 at 12:44
  • Oh, thanks! I looked with uname -m and it says armv7l su 32bits. I will download a 64bits os image and try again and update the question.
    – satchcoder
    Jul 20 at 7:50

You could have a look at this. It shows how to setup the Pi4 to build cardano-node, but you could also simply run the cardano-node in docker.

  • 1
    Welcome to our community! Unfortunately this is a link only answer unless you summarize what that link tells us in terms of showing how to setup the Pi4. This type of answer is best left as a comment, which unfortunately you won't be able to do without earning a bit of reputation by writing high-quality (much longer) answers. Jul 20 at 20:32

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