There are a few libraries in other languages (Java, JavaScript, ...) that act as an abstraction layer between the Cardano node or the cardano-cli and your own code. I'm looking for a C# library that can do the same.

I found the following 2 libraries:

They both haven't been updated in 2 years and to me it doesn't look like they are in a usable state. So are there any other projects to connect to a Cardano node using C#? Or has anybody any experience with making calls to the cardano-cli from C#?


There is a new library called CardanoSharp.Wallet which can be used to generate mnemonics, create private and public keys, create addresses, build transactions and sign transactions.

As of now this seems to be the only C# library out there.


As of now, there is a feature JS library wrapping cardano-cli. Link: https://github.com/Berry-Pool/cardanocli-js

Kindly refer to https://developers.cardano.org/tools for further information on tools available for developers.

There are plans for developing tools and wrappers for a variety of languages. I will update this space in case any good community project pops up.

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