I am trying to implement a nested state machine with plutus and I'm wondering if it is even a possibility.

  • What have you tried? Jul 3 '21 at 20:02
  • You can search the web for "nested state machine Haskell" and you should find quite a lot of information. Translating Haskell to Plutus should not be too difficult.
    – eddex
    Jul 4 '21 at 8:41

The answer is yes - qualified. It will eventually depend on what you have in mind.

The code that only runs off-chain is limited by the capabilities of Haskell.

But the part of the off-chain code that is executed on-chain (validator) is subject to the limitations of the Plutus Core language which is what runs on-chain. However, I don't know what they are in this case.

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