I thought about curating some literature on ETH and Cardano interoperability and was wondering about ERC20/ERC721 and plutus smart contracts. If I understand it right, ERC20/ERC721 are contract standards that users copy-paste into their code that can later be user-defined. In contrast, Plutus has a native token that can only manipulated via minting policy script.

Is there such a wrapper to convert the ERC20/721 standards into a plutus minting policy script? Or does this not make sense? If not, why?

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We already have similar contracts, which are re-used by other more complex contracts (like Uniswap).

Take a look at mintContract which is part of plutus-use-cases package.

Since smart contracts are using Haskell, we also get full namespaces, modules and package support handled for us by Haskell so re-using such contract means adding a correct package to your projects dependencies and importing it.

Note: during Plutus Pioneers course the function was called forgeContract.

I think there's also a ERC20 converter in the pipeline.

  • Indeed forgeContract has now been changed to mintContract since commit #3403.
    – Igodlab
    Aug 11, 2021 at 4:32

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