Is there a way to append metadata to transactions that are send from plutus code?

Right now we send transactions from the contracts like follows (or something alike):

ledgerTx <- submitTxConstraintsWith @Cube constraints tx
void $ awaitTxConfirmed $ txId ledgerTx

I know Alonzo is still in development/testing phase, but I was wondering if there is already something in the API do this or there will be (I cant find anything in the code base as of right now).

  • AngelCastillo - just wondering if you ever got anywhere with this? I'm currently looking into the same requirement.
    – William
    Jul 29 at 13:25
  • Not yet, haven't found any info regarding this. I hope by the time we can access the test net to test our dapps, there is some information. Jul 30 at 4:39

I'm not sure in what context you need to append metadata to a transaction, but you may want to check this documentation for any of these helper functions used for creating TxContraints:

  • mustIncludeDatum :: forall i o. Datum -> TxConstraints i o
  • mustPayToOtherScript :: forall i o. ValidatorHash -> Datum -> Value -> TxConstraints i o
  • mustPayToTheScript :: forall i o. IsData o => o -> Value -> TxConstraints i o

The first two require a Datum while the last one could be any arbitrary data type converted to a Data using PlutusTx.unstableMakeIsData or its equivalents.


You might want to look into StateMachines. Especially the transition function (which also requires TxConstraints). You may start with this documentation,


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