I have an question about the asset fingerprint.

For example here: https://pool.pm/333427e94971f530653bb945f34f914252ad570c0b84dfd8c8e8c97b.ExtraHate067 it shows asset1yjj6l5ude4gf274ya0exk4vymaaj0464yxmnvm

here it shows the same: https://cardano-tools.io/latest?q=ExtraHate067

but the explorer https://explorer.cardano.org/en/transaction?id=0d560535733237eaafa4f3c25e648d147dc93a048e3dc66e5199cd86986b5a2c shows asset1q7c0qhulpty4tcdp3cwt8eg5edws9c8lqyldlr did they change the hash algorithm?


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Wow, good catch. You can see fingerPrint function here. It's located in cardano-graphql project.

export const assetFingerprint = (asset: Pick<Asset, 'assetName' | 'policyId'>) =>
  new AssetFingerprint(
    Buffer.from(asset.policyId, 'hex'),
    asset.assetName !== '' ? Buffer.from(asset.assetName, 'hex') : undefined)

After running this code

const fingerPrint = ({ policyId, assetName }) => {
  const af = new AssetFingerprint(
    Buffer.from(policyId, 'hex'),
    Buffer.from(assetName, 'hex'),

  return af

const combinations = [
  {policyId: "",
  {policyId: '333427e94971f530653bb945f34f914252ad570c0b84dfd8c8e8c97b',
   assetName: ""},


I got


Which means that policyId is missing in the explorer but the fingerprint function is the same.

You can rerun my code in replit.

I also created an issue for cardano-explorer-app.


This looks like a bug in explorer.cardano.org.

You can use the JS package @emurgo/cip14-js to check for yourself.

import AssetFingerprint from '@emurgo/cip14-js'

const assetFingerprint = new AssetFingerprint(
    Buffer.from('333427e94971f530653bb945f34f914252ad570c0b84dfd8c8e8c97b', 'hex'),
    Buffer.from('457874726148617465303637', 'hex'),
// returns asset1yjj6l5ude4gf274ya0exk4vymaaj0464yxmnvm

Fixed in https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-graphql/pull/526. Thanks for the investigation.

Edit: Released in 5.0.0, adopted by cardano-explorer-app in 1.6.0

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