Smart contract should allow the reward withdrawal only if all rewards are withdrawn. In other words only if the reward address will have exactly 0 lovelaces after the reward withdrawal. Is there any way/idea how to check this?

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The ledger already enforces this rule. See "Reward accounts are set to zero for each corresponding withdrawal." in the Shelley ledger spec.

  • Thanks for your answer james! Yeah, I know about this. But the question is how can Plutus validator script get this info? As far as I know, all withdrawal data Plutus validator has is txInfoWdrl :: Map StakingCredential Integer. So, there is no any flags like 'Rewards are set to zero' or something like that. At the moment I use a stakeDeregistrationCert trick (it fails in case withdrawal amount < reward amount since stake address can be deregister only if reward amount = 0). However it's a bit expensive (tx fee) and complicated, and I'm trying to find a cheaper and easier way. Feb 6 at 14:31

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