The Cardano dApp-Wallet Web Bridge exposes an api.getRewardAddresses() function. This resolves to an array of stake keys, but I have only seen it contain one stake key in practice.

I'm developing a web app and want to store information about users' owned NFTs in a database. Can I use the first element in the stake keys/reward addresses array to identify the user, or should I show a dialogue window that allows the user to choose one? I am not aware of how most sites typically handle this.

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The reason for the return type to be an array is CIP-18 (while it is not implemented yet, it is already taken into account in the web wallet bridge specification CIP-30).

So currently there should not be more than one stake key returned by api.getRewardAddresses().

However: Have a look at the mangled-addresses tag to find some more info about possible issues with looking at the stake key to identify ownership of NFTs. In short: Just because a wallet controls an address doesn't mean that it is the owner of the stake key part of the address.

  • Thanks for the help!
    – 0x6f6b
    Jul 12, 2023 at 15:56

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