I'm working through week3 of PPP#4:


Here, the Vesting example using Lucid is demo and while I'm able to load the dApp on my browser with npm start and I have a Nami wallet connected to the Preview network, its info/ PubKeyHash is failing to populate dApp like in the video. I'm not sure how to get the dApp to link with the browser wallet to create example transactions locally

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I was using the instructor's old API key instead of creating one for myself through blockfrost. I just had to modify the section:

async function loadCardano() {
    const nami = window.cardano.nami;
    if (!nami) {
    } else {
        const api = await nami.enable();
        console.log('nami enabled');
        const lucid = await L.Lucid.new(
            new L.Blockfrost("https://cardano-preview.blockfrost.io/api/v0", "XXXX"),
        console.log('lucid active');
        return lucid;

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